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Biogen Partners with ABEC for New Switzerland Manufacturing Facility

Bethlehem, PA USA (March 22, 2016) ABEC, Inc. today announced that they have been awarded a complete process equipment set for Biogen’s new next-generation manufacturing facility in Luterbach, Switzerland. ABEC is providing an integrated equipment solution including engineering, 3-D design, manufacturing, installation, and site testing. Work has been ongoing since mid-2015 and the first equipment is ready for testing.

ABEC’s long history with Biogen began in the early 1990s with the supply of Biogen’s first production bioreactors. Since then, ABEC has provided Biogen with a variety of bioprocess equipment and services, including bioreactor process modeling, purification systems, and some of the industry’s first 15,000L bioreactors. For this project, ABEC will provide cell culture bioreactors, prep and hold systems, filtration and chromatography systems, and Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems. Significant integration and testing of the equipment will occur at ABEC’s manufacturing facilities in order to minimize installation and start-up time, and risk at the site.

ABEC CEO Scott Pickering commented, “Time to market is critical for Biogen’s advanced antibody therapies, and ABEC’s Integrated Solution model has been proven to reduce time, risk, and cost for biopharmaceutical facility projects. ABEC is proud to be part of this project and looks forward to delivering complete success.”