ABEC to supply China’s ‘rapidly growing’ biopharma industry from Ireland

 By Flora Southey

China has accredited ABEC to make and supply bioprocessing equipment from its Kells facility in Ireland.

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ABEC Expands Capabilities For China Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

ABEC, a global provider of integrated solutions and services for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, recently announced that its manufacturing facility in Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland has received certification from the People’s Republic of China as a qualified manufacturer of pressure vessels and components for use in China. ABEC Kells is the second of ABEC’s facilities to obtain its China Manufacture License (CML).

ABEC Cleanroom, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland

LabDesignNews: “ABEC Cleanroom, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland”

WuXi Biologics to Install Large-Scale Single-Use Bioreactor

BioPharm International: The company plans to install 4000-L disposable bioreactors from ABEC at its new commercial manufacturing facility in Wuxi city, China.

On March 20, 2018, WuXi Biologics, a contract development and manufacturing organization, announced that it has selected 4000-L Custom Single Run (CSR) disposable bioreactors from ABEC, a provider of integrated process solutions and biopharmaceutical manufacturing services, to install in Wuxi Biologics’ new commercial manufacturing facility in Wuxi city, Jiangsu, China.

Wuxi Biologics states that the 4000-L CSR is the largest single-use bioreactor size available in the industry and is potentially the largest design in conventional disposable bioreactors. This is expected to result in higher productivity and significantly lower cost of goods for cell culture-based biopharmaceuticals, according to the company.

The system also delivers performance comparable to stainless-steel bioreactors of similar scale and can be fully customized for different products. This results in higher cell-culture productivity and faster process transfer and scale-up, the company reports.

Wuxi Biologics’ scale-out strategy, which involves using multiple disposable bioreactors for commercial manufacturing, means that the 4000-L CSRs will enable manufacturing up to the scale of 24,000 L, comparable to traditional stainless-steel bioreactors.

“We are proud to be a global technology leader in bioprocessing and the first company in Asia to advance this exciting new technology. ABEC’s large volume single-use bioreactor greatly enhances our commercial manufacturing potential by allowing not only scale-out of capacity but also scale-up. In addition to the flexibility and time to market benefits of single-use manufacturing, we can now offer our clients true economies of scale and address biologics supply needs from kilograms to tons,” said Dr. Chris Chen, CEO of WuXi Biologics, in a company press release.

“WuXi Biologics’ successful testing, evaluation, and investment further validates ABEC’s CSR technology as one of the most flexible single-use solutions available on the market,” said Scott Pickering, ABEC president and CEO, in the press release. “We are pleased to be part of their next-generation manufacturing strategy and look forward to continuing this long-term partnership.”

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WuXi Biologics adds 4,000L bioreactors at fully single-use site

 By Dan Stanton

The CMO says adding the single-use offering from ABEC will make the newly opened biomanufacturing site in China comparable to stainless steel for commercial mAb production.

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Made in Ireland: ABEC adds cleanroom to make large-scale disposable tech

 By Flora Southey

ABEC has expanded manufacturing in Ireland with the completion of an ISO-7 cleanroom, where the single-use vendor will make disposable bioreactor bags for global distribution.

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Cleanroom Technology Magazine: Turnkey Solution for a Bespoke Cleanroom

Cleanroom Technology Magazine: Turnkey Solution for a Bespoke Cleanroom, published, page 22-25.

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Customised tech protects large single-use bags

By Flora Southey 

A pulley loading system and customised storage frame reduces damage risk to large single-use bags, says 4,000L bioreactor vendor ABEC.

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